P300 Akimpech Database

This is a temporary site for this database, since we will be moving it to Kaggle soon.

The Akimpech database was developed by Claudia Ledesma and Erik Bojorges back in 2010. It has been widely used around the world. We are giving it a nicier home.

For a full explanation of the database, please read the corresponding conference paper.

Please cite our work if you use it in a publication

Claudia Ledesma-Ramirez, Erik Bojorges-Valdez, Oscar Yanez-Suarez, Carolina Saavedra, Laurent Bougrain, and Gerardo Gentiletti. An open-access P300 speller database. In BCI meeting 2010, 257 2010.

If you just want to download the entire database as a large (1.6GB) file, click here.